WHAT IS THE CREATIVE EXPERIENCE HUB?  compiled by Lizar van Reenen

Drop-dead gorgeous, Romanesque built ex-gladiators Derek Harrison and Justin Maxwell are the owners of the most happening place in Muizenberg – the Creative Experience Hub at nr11, corner of Atlantic and Palmer Roads in Muizenberg Village. Only a few weeks old, this venue has already become quite a hub of activity.  This is the same venue at which CapeClick is hosting their unconventional 6 Week photography courses.

I had a chat with co-owner Derek whilst he single-handedly moved a life-size Venus de Milo (Justin was busy re-arranging the marble pillars to create the look of Ancient Rome).

Q:  What is the Creative Experience Hub?  The Alive Cafe Creative Experience Hub is primarily a destination venue.  It is firstly a venue for the “practise” and “excercise” of ANY form or style of creativity.  It is an artistic studio, theatre and live music venue with a coffee shop interface.  We intend to open a door for each person’s creative spark by offering the experience of participating in a collective of creativity.

Q:  Why the shift from being the original owner of the very popular Satori pizzeria in Kalk Bay, to that of a creating a space for creatives?  And why Muizenberg in particular?  (Justin) Ha!  Derek sold Satori as a very successful and profitable business when he realised he would not be able to handle the emotional impact of the roadworks on a venue so close to his heart.  He moved to Muizenberg to have a greater sense of community, collective and village life experience.  Opening Kitch Kombuis he did just that. We both have been exploring “meaningful”, collaborative and creative models of engagement for some time and as we both love coffee, we decided to get a coffee machine, and a coffee shop followed.

Q:  Is the space available to all and sundry or just the Muizenberg and surrounds creatives? The space is open and available to everyone, whether as a coffee shop/meeting place and or much more.  There is a membership option which makes engaging in all aspects of the hub highly attractive and accessible.  There is however no differentiation between members and non-members apart from certain price adjustments and use of venue as an income generating platform for workshops, etc.

Q:  How have you been received by the Muizenberg locals?  With open-hearted enthusiasm.  Our local friends and colleagues have been very much activated and in the words of one local, “This is amazing! Just what we have wanted and what Muizenberg needs.”  This is a real community space.

Q:  Word is out that you have revived movie nights showcasing true classics.  When and how often will this be happening?  We show movies every Sunday night at 19h00.  This is a “blankie and duvet affair”.  Bring your picnic and share free popcorn.  Bring some wine or simply ask what we have to offer.

Q:  I believe you will be hosting live music events on Saturday nights.  Will this be a regular feature?  Yes, after the Grand Opening on Saturday 22nd June, it will certainly be.  This Saturday afternoon 15 June from 18h00 there will be a free to the public Blues and Jazz session.

If you are keen to still find out more, feel free to pop in at Alive Cafe – Creative Experience Hub to meet Derek and Justin.  Please do not be intimidated by their exceptional good looks and muscular Romanesque stature.  The guys are actually quite down to earth and easy to talk to.


Twitter: @alivecreativhub

Facebook: Alive Cafe – Creative Experience Hub

Telephone:  021 788 9010

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